Blackwork sleeve by Mel from Meatshop Tattoo in Copenhagen.

My new Buddhist “Endless Knot” tattoo (back of left calf), by Ben at 2Spirit in San Francisco, on 10/24/13.

Hands I tattooed at the London tattoo convention.

Battle Armour for every day Living.

Tattoo by Hanumantra Lamar

Instagram;   Hanumantra



By Boff Konkerz, Carlos Ulman and Frederik Kjeldstrup in DK

@chocolatesuicide og Instagram and photo by

Sophie Done by Yonah @ Needlempire Tattoo Studio, Belgium, Leuven

My name is Kaia, this is my thigh.

Original illustration form Ien Levin.

Tattoo by: ‘El Nene’ - Lima, Peru 2013.

done by: Mi-Ki in D. K. Tattoo, Rzeszów, Poland ( - studio page) but found on his personal facebook:


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