done by Dennis M Del Prete

Rene- Kitchens Ink Denver, Co

Only a tongue cuts deeper than a blade.

Tattooed by Hanumantra Lamar

Instagram;       @Hanumantra



So it’s been at least a month

And I’ve gotten a few messages asking where I’ve gone. I’m going to be honest here, fuckyeahblackwork no longer holds my interest nor do I think it’s a positive part of my life any more. I’m tired of people whining in my inbox to go through their terrible blog with autoplaying music and stupid fandom shit just to find this one photo they couldn’t figure out how to submit. I’m tired of feeling shitty for queuing up what might be just straight up white folks covering themselves in sacred tattoos that POC designed. I’m tired of believing that I run a blog that’s more of a problem than a solution to anything.

So what does this mean?

Today, right now in fact, I will queue up any remaining photos that have been submitted and then this blog is going on indefinite hiatus. I won’t delete the blog, there’s over 29k of you so clearly you’re enjoying it being here, but yes, prep yourself for the last rounds of fuckyeahblackwork for a while.

In the immortal words of Juntaro Yamanouchi

"Fuck compose, Fuck melody, Dedicated to no one, Thanks to no one, ART IS OVER".

Tattoos by James Coles at the Paia Tattoo Parlor in Paia, Maui. Based on the paintings “Black Square” and “Black Cross” by Kazemir Malevich. I’m planning on getting the “Black Circle” on my left forearm next.

Excellent choice of artwork for your body!

Thomas, Goossens

Eindhoven, the Netherlands

instagram: @thomasgoossens2012


Kubo’s face and head tattoo, done by Kuba Libre in Tattoo Stanley Prague


Instagram; Hanumantra