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Kubo’s face and head tattoo, done by Kuba Libre in Tattoo Stanley Prague

#dotwork #geometry 

By Boff Konkerz, Carlos Ulman and Frederik Kjeldstrup in DK

@chocolatesuicide og Instagram and photo by

My shoulder Carlos from Elektrisk Tatovering, Odense DK.

(For those wondering, I’m @chocolatesuicide on Instagram.)

Tattoo on my scalp by Boff Konkerz, when he was in DK on my birthday. Shoulder and throat by Carlos Ulmanis, Elektrisk Tatovering, Odense DK, dots on forehead and chin + fingers by Frederik from Blacksheep in Odense, DK. 

Michael E. Bennett

Face tattoo I did at New York Adorned.

-Dillon (

Sri Yantra Tattoo, Oakland CA

Done by Dennis M Del Prete

Tattooed Marquesan Man, 1925

done by Manuel Winkler Merano Italy